TIFF 2018 Entry Form for Category Head-B




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Entry 5


I solemnly declare that:

1.I have carefully read the instructions given under all three links, namely, ENTRY CATEGORIES, ENTRY FEE and ENTRY GUIDELINES before filling up this form.

2.The submission(s) as mentioned by me in this entry-form constitute my original work and there is no dispute regarding the ownership of submission(s).

3.TIFF or its associates shall not be held responsible in case of any dispute regarding the ownership/copyright of my submission(s).

4.TIFF or its associates shall not be held responsible in case my submission(s) infringes, invades or violates the rights of any person living or dead.

5.TIFF or its associates shall not be held responsible in case my submission(s) harms the reputation of any person or organization under libel or slander or in any other way.

6.TIFF shall be held harmless from and defended against all claims, losses, damages, judgement liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of any claims of third party based on any of my submissions to TIFF or on any film developed over such submission. TIFF shall be fully indemnified by me against any claim made with respect to my submission(s) for any violation of law.

7.I am aware that if my Entry Form is incomplete or not accompanied by all the attachments/requirements as mentioned under ENTRY GUIDELINES, my submission may be rejected.

8.I am aware that the material sent by me as my festival submission (DVDs, Photographs, Paintings) shall not be returned, and will remain with the records section of TIFF.

9.I am aware that the decision of the TIFF Jury shall be final and binding on me.

10.No harm has been brought to any wildlife during the creation of this submission.

11.The information being provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge.

12.I am aware that in case of falsifying, my submission(s) shall be barred from the competitive category, my entry fee shall be forfeited and my award / certificate shall be held back.

I have read and agreed to the Declaration (required)