WildWalk Programme

This awesome programme brings you face to face with the life and beauty of jungles. Under TIFF, jungle-excursions are organised at various places, which include national parks, sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, etc. The aim is to facilitate direct interaction of the participants with nature and its magnificence.

The participants not just enjoy and learn from the scenic beauty of the wild by exploring the jungles on gypsy, elephant, foot or boat, but also interact with people who dwell in this wilderness or in the surrounding villages. The mission is to study the whole scenario in its entirety, which includes its problems and challenges as well.

The participants can record their observations in their cameras and make a film out of it, click photographs or make paintings / sketches inspired by jungles; these can be submitted as an entry to the TIFF Competitive Section, where there is no entry fee for WildWalk participants. These films/photographs/art works are used to promote awareness on environmental and wildlife conservation.

The TIFF WildWalk Programme, it must be noted, is not like a normal tourist-outing in a jungle. The programme is organised in close coordination with the respective forest department of that place, and hence only those who take wildlife and jungles seriously and want to benefit academically and artistically from a jungle experience should register for this programme.

The selected participants for this programme undergo an Orientation Programme and Workshop and are expected to follow the  guidelines of respective forest department and TIFF.

A typical TIFF WildWalk Orientation includes:

i. inputs to prepare them for a productive jungle experience

ii. valuable info and books on animal and bird species

iii. aesthetic and technical inputs on photography

iv. technical inputs on script-writing

v. inputs on documentary filmmaking

The participants also receive a TIFF Kit and a Certificate of Participation in the Orientation Programme and Workshop.