Wildlife Photography and Painting Exhibition is an integral part of TIFFest. An exhibition with more than 150 exhibits, both photographs and paintings, was organised under the fest on August 26-27, 2015. Apart from some chosen wildlife photographs clicked by Bollywood legend and wildlife photographer Waheeda Rehman, the wildlife photographs of many senior forest officers as well as amateur and professional wildlife photographers were displayed at the exhibition. The winnings photographs / paintings were also a part of this exhibit.

A unique attraction of the exhibition was the tribal paintings of Baiga and Gond tribes. The aim has been to give the tribal painters a platform to showcase their talent and also sell their work. The tribal painters were personally present at the exhibition to interact with the visitors. The visitors showed great enthusiasm and many of them also bought several photographs / paintings to support this noble cause.

TIFF is proud and honoured to have organised the first-ever exhibition of the wildlife photographs of Waheeda Rehman in the entire world.