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TIFF WildWalk gives a unique wildlife experience to its participants. This well-planned conservation awareness programme provides a deep insight into the forests and its inhabitants. A participant not just enjoys nature in its pristine beauty, but also gets to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility to contribute towards conservation. We are glad that with every passing year, TIFF WildWalks are being organised in more and more jungles. Apart from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Nagaland and Nepal also feature in the itinerary, while several more places are in the line-up.

Wordly Treasures

We treasure the words of support and appreciation by the Who's Who of our times

It has been great to have been associated with TIFF right from its inception. I attended the TIFFest’15 and had the pleasure to interact with Waheeda Rehman. TIFF is the only Tiger-centric festival of India, and I am happy that it has its origins in Madhya Pradesh. I congratulate organisers for this wonderful initiative and […]

ANIMESH SHUKLA, Former PCCF & HoFF, Madhya Pradesh

I am a person who is all into films, so have little knowledge about wildlife. However, when I came to know about TIFF, I admired the cause it has been founded upon. I thought that even if I don’t know much about wildlife, I can definitely do my bit towards conservation by joining this festival […]

BHAWANA SOMAAYA, Renowned Film Critic and Writer

Madhya Pradesh is one such state where the tiger can still fight for its existence. I’m thankful to Tigerland India Film Festival and the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh for this initiative. I make films so that people can get to know our beautiful wildlife. By presenting these films to the masses and the youth, […]

MIKE PANDEY, World famous Conservationist & Wildlife filmmaker

Wildlife has been my love and passion. Children should be taken to jungles at least twice a year so that they see how beautiful the wilderness is. I am very thankful to have been invited to this wonderful film festival. I request more and more people to come forward to support the cause of TIFF.

WAHEEDA REHMAN, Bollywood Actress and Wildlife photographer

Conserving the habitat of tigers is a humanitarian task. The State Government is making well-contemplated efforts to conserve the tigers and other wildlife species. I am sure the Tigerland India Film Festival will further sensitise the audience about importance of wildlife.

SHIVRAJ SINGH CHOUHAN, Former Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh

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TIFF is supported by reputed government and private institutions, and the list is growing with every passing year.


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